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tv   Headline News  RT  March 2, 2013 9:00am-9:28am EST

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you zation that america siding with egypt islam as leaders of the angry opposition is refusing to meet u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in cairo. bradley manning's partial guilty plea is not enough for u.s. prosecutors who intend to prove the wiki leak with a lower aged terrorists by leaking classified documents. and why britain's brightest are bailing out for better lives south where we examine what's making them back up and the damage it could cause you can. live from our studios in moscow you're watching archie this saturday with me and use in now way our top story and we begin in egypt where the opposition has lashed out at washington for meddling in the country's affairs its leaders are refusing to
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meet secretary of state john kerry who's arrived in cairo they cues america of siding with the ruling muslim brotherhood despite egypt political divisions polis leader looks at what the u.s. chief diplomats intentions could be. he says that the purpose of his visit is essentially to discuss regional and international issues have a wide spectrum of egyptian leadership that is refusing to meet with him the criticism is coming from liberal and secular leaders and they accuse kerry and the united states of siding with the muslim brotherhood and they accuse its leader mohamed morsi of the same should be stepping into the same role as the ousted dictator hosni mubarak now it is true that the united states has maintained close ties with morsi but the criticism is that he is failing to implement reforms and at the same time he is turning the country into a more religiously conservative ruling system at least two opposition figures have refused invitations from kerry to sit down and hold talks with him and this follows
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this week a call by the united states for the main opposition group and that is known as the national salvation front to reverse its decision to boycott parliamentary elections that are due to begin next month and yesterday kerry was in ankara telling the turks that they need to improve their relationship with israel the turkish prime minister recently made the comment that zionism was a crime against humanity and response to this kerry said that the comments were objects inable those comments could indeed frustrate kerry's attempts to try and create an improvement in a strange the israeli turkish relations that have hit an all time low what we essentially see through kerry's visit is an attempt by the united states to try and appease countries in the region israel to essentially ensure tel aviv security but the problem really is that the positions of both israel and the united states in this region are at an all time low they are under threat and in most small part due
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to the actions of washington and tel aviv themselves the situation in syria has only made things worse you have the rise of islamic extremism across the region following the arab spring and this is something that the united states die. supported at the same time what we're really seeing is and washington is having to deal with problems that it created and this is essentially the core or at least part of the core of kerry's first visit to this region after taking office. secretary kerry's visit to egypt is not expected to herald a major shift in washington's policy towards the country but with israel under increasing pressure from its neighbors it's thought the overriding concern for america is protecting its key regional ally by any means we have not seen a major rewrite situation american policy in light years bring. the transition in egypt in particular it's really still the same whole season of the
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border build now the saudi within egypt is used to protect american interests is really the army rather than the presidential palace it's the army that continues to get a great deal of american funds and it is through the call of duty or that i think americans hope to maintain in many of the same policies that they maintained under mubarak so the way that used to seem to be staging it suggests a continuation of the same american policy where israel comes first and israel's arab neighbors are really to. use only to try to preserve israel's security the u.s. is pushing forward with a full court martial law against army whistleblower bradley manning prosecutors plan to call a full witness list to prove he's guilty of a range of serious charges including aiding the enemy manning tonight is this admitting to providing secret data to wiki leaks with the aim of revealing the true
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cost of the war r t america's andrew blake was at the hearing. i'm p.f.c. manning finished reading his thirty five page statement he turned his microphone off he was done testifying and a handful of members of the press gallery actually journalists began applauding it was something that people had waited for a long time there he was speaking very truthfully and with power about what he did and why he did it and i think that resonated with a lot of people a big small man only five foot two you know of one hundred some odd pounds sitting very calm very collectively very cool right in front of the judge and read it thirty five page statement pretty much owning up to every single fact that the government has accused him of for the last three years and it was people expected him to go ahead and plead guilty but the way in which he actually honored what he did himself in the way that he actually to still to this day is ok with with releasing information and is aware of the significance i think really shows this
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was someone who had committed to doing something it was aware aware of the repercussions and is ok with that if found guilty of aiding the end of the private manning could spend the rest of his life in prison he has already spent over a thousand days behind bars awaiting trial mannix defense team argues that his harsh detention conditions violated his constitutional rights and that the charges against him should be dropped as a result. is following the case. it sure has been a rough ride since bradley manning was arrested in may two thousand and ten for the first ten months of his incarceration the former army intelligence analyst was held in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day in a six by eight foot cell windowless cell forced to sleep naked without bed sheets and kept on suicide watch during that time hundreds of scholars experts human rights advocates as well were signing petitions and letters to have him released
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from what was dubbed draconian conditions essentially called torture many critics would argue that manning was essentially forced into pleading guilty on ten charges because of the conditions he has been held in by the u.s. government but at the end of the day when manning stood up and owned up to what he did and from what i've been told and read about his manos apologies for his behavior and for his actions. now one of the most shocking items leaked by manning was the so-called collateral damage video it shows a u.s. helicopter attack in two thousand and seven targeting civilians including children and journalists manning said he was sickened by what he called their blood loss and compares the scene for a trial or tearing out a former m i five agent any much sean says the revelation did a great service for the relatives of the. who knew the families of the victims
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by still mostly canada and twenty rockets only pushed against them to find out what the top of the pack attempt in life see is saying there was no video they can also take what has happened so by exposing this bradley manning a close case he says are said to be from the price counties this night. and i think it went to one other aspect to our is that he tried to slash and other names to media outlets begin with the washington post the new york times and the political web site and he was dismissed and in fact proposing that if this were if they were days a political thing like it was to a level i pray that what we see is the old model do not respond to the push toward transparency to inform the american people what is done in the name it's amazing though isn't it that the the people who actually committed those war crimes in collateral murder video have never been arrested have never been charged and have been court martialed is the person who exposes war crimes who is court martialed
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and this happens time and time again with whistle blows you shoot the messenger but you protect the people committing the crime. with no budging on the budget america's got some shortcuts ahead eighty five billion dollars worth to be precise president obama signed them off after politics prevailed over progress on capitol hill as we report in a few minutes also. a stellar performance from the space station stand by for details of a musical collaboration that's truly out of this world. there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids lives with. this with
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this is a problem that. is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about they were really good public health campaigns people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to. lot less human suffering.
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you're there at the live from the russian capital a rally in central moscow calls for russian orphans to be better protected the large number of children in care plus cases of abuse and death of broad have brought the topic into the fore in russia election ourselves he was at saturday's demonstrations at least twelve thousand people gathered in central moscow to march for the better protection of children many said they went to the streets at the call of their heart they chanted slogans orphans need mothers not graves russia definitely has some six hundred seventy thousand or friends and finding a home for them in russia has been difficult for many that's meant going abroad for a new family although the government now wants that to change the death of maxine because mean in texas has brought this into sharp focus again just weeks after the
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law came into force restricting foreign adoptions specifically americans taking on russian or france the u.s. district attorney ruled that the three year old died in january accidentally the final autopsy showed that the bruises on his body were self-inflicted and a behavioral disorder meant maxime was likely to harm himself russian authorities are still not convinced and one for access to all the files of the investigation it's worth mentioning that q. deal seems younger brother was also adopted by the same family from the same orphanage and is still living with them although the mother now has only restricted access so it said it is really in moscow demonstrators called for good deal to be brought home to russia and that all those involved in finding homes for the countries or france need to work much harder in protecting societies most vulnerable children but seems case is definitely far from over both russia and the united states will continue their investigations into his death and we will tell you what they find. more and more of britain's young professionals are looking to
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take their talents elsewhere that's just white government plans to cut the top rate of income tax next month and with the country's most economically active class twin dilling in numbers there are fears that policymakers aren't doing enough to avert for their brain drain and farmer examines what's driving the young and smart to greener pastures jetting off in search of a new life abroad that is what three and a half million britons have done over the last decade but it isn't just pensioners seeking a retirement in the sun latest figures show that actually two thirds of them are professionals aged twenty two to forty four and it's feared the outflow of talent is actually hurting the nation's economy clearly a lot of these people are trained professionals who are seeking to build a life elsewhere and i think that's something policymakers should be very concerned about so what are the reasons for the exodus chiropractic feet treats dozens of high end london kind suffering from stress every week britain's high rate of tax he
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says makes many consider emigrating but that. the weather is a big factor in this country it's one thing to want to get a lifestyle basically they i know from my my point of view when i was younger in south africa for example at the weekend we could go you know maybe water skiing we could go out we could of the lifestyle and this is what they're seeing they're seeing it in places like florida or in the states they're seeing that some countries in europe that there's this sort of heat it's the lifestyle really that these people want and a quick straw poll on the street seems to confirm what he's saying but consider emigrating i definitely yes why where they are trying their finances just a nice if it works where can i sell there a state is like would you ever consider emigrating yeah why. just work. with lots of lovely countries in the world and it would be north experience living in one of them so britain has a lot to compete with it can't change the weather but from next month the top rate
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of income tax will come down to forty five p. in the pound although nick to blow our noses government needs to do more at the moment and understandably government and commentators are entirely focused on austerity but we need to send a signal about the future the twenty five year olds the thirty year olds are thinking long term not in the immediate future we need to try and explain to them that it's this country is the place to be that you will be able to keep more of your income that you and that there is the place for aspiration and for growth it's here in britain despite the outflow of talent net migration into ek is still around two hundred thousand people a year and independent think tank migration what she claims than x. is a counterbalance although exactly how much is also being debated the reality is in there there are in a number of talented people coming to the country but there's also as we well know there's a large migration from issues of asylum where they've come from very troubled and
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and difficult backgrounds. through to economic migration where people are just trying to improve their lives that are not necessary replacing the level of skill that we're using so it's not a straight nights for match whatever the true picture it is clear is losing its homegrown talent on average at a rate of four hundred people per day flying away from britain's economic troubles on a one way ticket is becoming an increasingly popular option. to. london . from the haves to the have nots is america's food aid program getting to those who really deserve it. it's good to be american because you can depend on the government so i mean i guess society is kind of you know it's a good bad but that's ok isn't the american way to make it on your own and not depend on the government or others or you think that true but it's a case by case basis. we're in new york this saturday where taxpayers are concerned
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that food stamps are going towards the greedy and not the needy that's coming up for you but first brock obama has been forced to give the go head to huge spending cuts which could save as much as eighty five billion dollars off the federal budget by tobar the president hopes the automatic measures could be avoided but both obama and congress could agree on a way out after months of wrangling and after the talks failed the blame game began with obama condemning republican intransigence for refusing to plug tax loopholes for the most wealthy citizens hundreds of thousands of american jobs are now on the line with fears that economic impact of what's called the sequester could have global impact economist and author richard wolfe says it's the people who will ultimately pay for capitol hill's selfish squabbling. republicans and democrats alike are committed to an austerity policy as we do in europe there are only just agreement is exactly who gets cut whose actions get raised and i'm very patient.
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sick as are most observers in washington that we are about to do what britain italy greece have done with the same dire consequences looming in our future if you cut government spending as we're about to do if you raise taxes on average people which we did on january first with the rise in the payroll tax those are a double whammy two hits on our economy they depress the economy they lose people jobs they make people cut back in their spending with less jobs and less pending government tax revenues go down and that you races whatever benefit you might have imagined would come to the government's budget the irony is the economy gets worse and the government budget gets worse until they wake up and realize that this is an inappropriate way to go at a time of economic crisis let's remember the budget deficit of the government took
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off in two thousand and seven and eight which is because we had a crisis if you solve the deficit without dealing with the under lying prices it will not work. a close call for the palestinian prime minister caught up in a rocketing violence in the west bank and treated at the scene we report all mine is really a soldier of tear gas and rubber bullets a crowd furious at the building of a barrier cutting them off from their own land. occupy and the officer one of the n.y.p.d. has financed his left red faced after protesters acquitted of assaulting him when video showed the police account did not go through the evidence it's all available at r t v dot com. the presidents of russia and the u.s. are seeking ways to avoid further sad facts in relations between their countries that was the main theme of the phone conversation between putin and barack obama
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now the leaders have pledged to seek new ways of ending the conflict in syria an issue they don't see eye to eye on both have instructed their diplomats to push harder for a political transition to end the violence on friday moscow criticize western plans to send aid to the rebels saying it would only encourage them to seize power by force hootin and obama have said they're also willing to work closer on global security issues including missile defense and concerns over iran and north korea's nuclear program. now to some other world news this hour starting with germany where hundreds of activists and tourists have stopped a second fall of the burthen wall a twenty three meter section covered in street art is slated for demolition to make way for a luxury apartment block but police were forced to temporarily halt its destruction after a human chain was formed in front of the wall. then as well as vice president says ailing leader hugo chavez is undergoing chemotherapy at
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a hospital in caracas his statement was to counter swirling rumors in recent days that the president was close to death chavez has not made a public appearance since october venezuelan officials insist he's still in charge and meeting cabinet ministers in the military hospital where he's being treated. and now for some melodies from space astronauts on the international space station have been teaming up with musicians down on earth artie's tom barton found out how . welcome to the google are ready to play a little music indeed welcome to the international song station. bhansali. turn. by astronaut chris hadfield there with fellow canadian and singer ed robertson the band a kid ladies and especially composed cosmic choral duet back on earth chris told us
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why it's so special to him music is an important part of being human and to have the chance to play and sing and write music in that new place for humanity i think is also and says yes it's still pretty novel but a little further examination reveals quite a back catalogue from earth's loftiest recording studio. there are. here cathy coleman plays the i assess his first duet with one of the music idols ian anderson from the band jethro tull set at two hundred year old irish rock and also a ten with song and then it and then once you get up there you want to share this as with most things sent up there though they can't be just ordinary instruments.
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to make their life a little brighter a guitar was arranged for them getting it on board was a royal old hassle though they had to relax the strings and i did foam rubber to prevent vibration. music is all about sharing as chris hadfield found out the first time that played in space with the crew of the russian space station mir back in one thousand nine hundred five. and it's a great way of sharing the emotions of the space crews some of them out of this world. others more down to work such as ron garan disappointment on finding out his return to earth was delayed by two months. that those two station. i'm going to do. just got a call from the. city going. from cool pop to fleet duets of the cosmic blues they've got it all here on the international song station
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and i'm tom bottom for ought to see your host only orbit our state cheat and planet earth. to. get back soon. us food stamps are supposed to provide vital aid to those who need it most but it seems the system is notoriously open to abuse or harshness has been finding out whether taxpayers think their money is being well spent.
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according to the u.s. government more than forty seven million people now use the food stamp program are americans abusing the system this week let's talk about that one of the largest consumers of food stamps is actually wal-mart because they underpay their employees so we're concerned about people getting food stamps we should probably look in the direction of companies like wal-mart et cetera who refuse to pay a living wage says it's clear i don't know but it sounds like they or does that bother you know why not well it should probably bother me because i'm a taxpayer yeah ok but it doesn't not really you know why do you just assume that people are going to abuse the system i think everybody abuses a system one way or another so how do you abuse that oh you're trying to throw this back at me or you said everyone to take the fifth on the stock exchange the abuse in everybody's every use and everything so it doesn't bother you that the numbers are increasing. you know it just shows you that the there are more poor people
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that's what it shows you that poverty is increasing in this country amidst all this wealth well i think it's a social situation so i think that we as taxpayers have to realize that people do need help and we need to as a country support our own people it's good to be american because you can depend on the government so i mean i guess society is kind of you know hinting at that but that's ok isn't the american way to make it on your own and not depend on the government or others for you think that is true but it's a case by case basis whether or not you think people are abusing the food stamp system the bottom line is that you're american you're buying groceries for a lot more people than just your family.
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in a few minutes here on our team more on the rapid spread of hiv among a very specific group of americans in our special report. i've got a lot of messages from our t.v. viewers who are very concerned about drones living under skynet is not the american way and many are concerned about their safety and privacy congressman ted poe has introduced a bill that may address some people's concerns about drones this bill is the preserving american privacy act what's clear if i see how the government can use these drugs so basically the act as bureaucracy to drone usage in order to restrict it in theory protecting people's privacy the thing is that one side is arguing for drone usage.


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